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Graduate Testimonials

Two happy Brownson H V A C graduates posing outside and smiling for the camera
Happy members of the Brownson team help students build their success stories

See What Our Graduates Are Saying

Excellent experience very hands on. Instructor very helpful.

Anthony Arnold

Staff was on point. Learned to be a problem solver and not a part changer.Hands on and open your brain to a flood of info.Thanks again.

Falemanu B Vaioletama Jr.

I’m very happy and proud to have Graduated from B.T.S . Unbelievable staff helpful in all areas… Highly recommend to whomever wants to join the A.C field. Thanks Brownson Tech School!

Art Gonzalez

Number 1 HVAC & Refrigeration school in California. The instructors are there to really help you understand anything you are having difficulty with.

Daniel Earl Webb

Check out this school’s lab. It was the deciding factor to attend this school.

David Frenis

Tomorrow will be my last day at Brownson after completing the 40-week program. There is a lot to know about HVAC/R and of course 40 weeks won’t cover it all, but it really helps you grasp enough knowledge to know if this industry is for you or not. I’ve had a great time at Brownson this past year and I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested. After tomorrow it will be the first day of the rest of my life as a BROWNSON ALUMNI / HVAC/R CERTIFIED TECH. Thank you Brownson staff and family!

Jose Cardenas

Best Education for the HVAC/R field out there. Although it was an hour and half drive every day for 10 months, I really enjoyed the program. As with anything new you start, the beginning is not simple. Must be willing to put effort to succeed. Also, I found a job while I was in the program and got two job offers after graduating. I completed the program in 2012 and now making 65K. On track to make 74K for this year. For the short period you have to invest in the program the return is twofold. Glad I chose Brownson and this career

AJ Miles

Brownson Technical helped me reach my goals in life and build a better future for me and my family.

Guillermo Cruz

Within my time at Brownson, I learned a lot to help me on my way to a career in an ever expanding field. With extra classes and certifications offered even after graduation, it’s definitely a school that helps its graduates to find a job that is right for them with a good start to succeed.

Paul Friedlander

I encourage anyone to consider Brownson Technical School as an option.  It put me in a better position in life. The skills I learned at school made me a better candidate in this tough job market.  Brownson has a great staff and flexible learning environment.  I am very satisfied with the choice I made to attend Brownson.  Their placement staff assisted me day after day assuring that I found a job.  The end result of me attending Brownson was a better wage and a career in a field that is growing rapidly.

Jay Love

Get trained. Get opportunities. Get started at Brownson.

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