Graduate Testimonials

Two happy Brownson H V A C graduates posing outside and smiling for the camera
Happy members of the Brownson team help students build their success stories

See What Our Graduates Are Saying

When I first started attending Brownson I didn’t know a single thing about HVAC.  I’ve learned a lot of terms and a lot of hands on work with the equipment.  Brownson has helped me learn some valuable information.  The teachers really knew their subjects and taught it well.

Chris Wallace

Before enrolling in this school, I researched some other schools to have something to compare it to by reading online reviews and speaking to some employers of past graduates.  Most all reviews and the employers I spoke to held this school and its graduates in high regard.  After enrolling, I found this to be true.

Daniel Friberg

When I first started this program, I was very sure about what to expect coming out of school.  I now have a great deal of confidence going out into the industry.  No longer do I have a feeling of being “in the dark.”  I will do great things in this industry, and it all started with my training at Brownson Technical School!

Ron Daly

I am very happy, that I made the decision to attend Brownson Technical School. BTS staff is friendly; instructors are very knowledgeable in HVAC.  They also have the attitude to go above and beyond.  I recommend Brownson Technical School to any individual interested in a booming trade that is taking off.

Ron Fierro

I’m making great money, have a company vehicle and good benefits!

Colt Buranatt

I have the best job EVER! I loved the training, staff and teachers!

Ceasar Morais-Yun